Website Design

Whether you're in the market for a new build or you just want to modernize your existing website, Start Fresh has a solution for you. Our team will help you to create a website that provides today's fickle online customers with an experience that is engaging, informative and most importantly, will have them coming back for more. Check out the sections below for details.



This package covers all of the design, development and deployment work involved in building a basic website from the ground up.

Credit Card and Dollar Signs


This package, which can be added to both new and existing websites, is ideal for any business looking to sell a product or service over the Internet.

Smartphone and Tablet


Many websites were built back when mobile compatibility wasn't on anyone's radar. Sound familiar? We have the tools to bring your website into the age of smartphones and tablets.

Magnifying Glass

Search Engine Optimization

A website is only useful if it can be found. We know the tricks to help your website score higher in Google's, Bing's and Yahoo!'s organic search results.



Providing current, engaging content on your business website is imperative if you want to stake a competitive claim in today's online landscape. Let us show you the what and the how. Read more in Content Management.

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Design Process

  • Many website designers treat the design process as a black box. The client provides some input at the outset and later signs off on the finished product. What happens in between is a mystery. Not here.
  • The Start Fresh design process is anchored on dialogue. We seek your input at the beginning, the end and all points in between.
  • We want your website to be beautiful, but more importantly, it needs to be functional. If we know that one of your requests will cause problems down the road, we'll help you to understand why and propose a series of alternatives for your consideration.
  • All in all, this open collaboration makes for a more efficient and effective design process. We help you sleep easy, knowing that you're getting a robust, scalable and altogether remarkable website that will allow you to achieve all of your online goals. No overhauls due to poor communication. No subsequent cost overruns. Only joy.

Content Management

  • Gone are the days when the business website was simply a signpost. Potential customers now come with expectations. They want current, relevant content. They want proof that you are a leader in your field. They want to be engaged.
  • Many business websites now handle the bulk of the sales process. Business owners who fail to recognize this transformation or choose to ignore it will quickly fall by the wayside in today's online universe.
  • What does this mean for you? Put simply, your website is never truly finished. After the foundation has been laid, content should be added and updated regularly.
  • This is where we come in. Not only will we show you what types of content to share, but we will educate you on how to actually go about posting and manipulating content on your website.
  • Sound intimidating? It's not. Content Management Systems make website content management simple, even for users with no technical background.